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Girls’ Generation’s sub-unit TaeTiSeo (TTS) talks about overcoming the ‘5 year curse’ and their latest track “Dear Santa” on High Cut magazine.

Taeyeon was told that she has been dubbed as ‘SM’s MVP’ to which she jokes, “Shouldn’t I receive a bonus from the company?”

She then comments, “On the contrary, I am thankful to the company. There are many artists however only I received the opportunity. I am not saying this to be humble, however I simply put a lot of effort in singing.”

Tiffany also comments regarding the ‘5 year curse’, “Everyone said that we would end in 5 years, but we won. It looks like we will win from now on too. Even if I would do a solo project, it is like I am preparing together with the whole group. Girls’ Generation would keep going on in the future as well.”

Taeyeon also reveals, “Since I entered my 20s as a member of Girls’ Generation, it seems like my life’s direction was suggested from that. If I do other work besides Girls’ Generation, I think it will feel unfamiliar to me. Later on, I think we would be able to group together again and have gatherings.”

Seohyun was then asked where she put the most focus regarding the lyrics for “Dear Santa” to which she reveals, “I was curious regarding what kind of present people want to receive on Christmas. I asked my friends and they said they want a boyfriend. The lyrics are about asking Santa, ‘please let me be with this guy’.”

TaeNy Seohyun

Meanwhile, the December issue of High Cut would be released on December 17.