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The photo of WINNER member Taehyun which shows alleged rude actions has been featured on a banner.

Earlier, netizens have criticized Taehyun’s manners and praised Son Ho Joon’s gesture after a post has been made in an online community Pann.

The original poster writes, “The reason why celebs have to be careful in what they do in their everyday life,” along with a photo of Son Ho Joon and Nam Taehyun. The photo compares the two artists’ gestures in giving money.

Ho Joon Taehyun

Son Ho Joon was seen to be politely giving money to a driver as he was doing a short bow, Taehyun on the other hand has been spotted giving money to a parking security with the money held in between his fingers.

In Korean culture, handing someone money in such a way is considered rude, most especially if the person is much older than you.

Although the buzz had slowly died down, it has caught the public’s attention once again after Taehyun’s controversial photo has been featured in a public ad banner which shows bad examples of behavior towards workers.

Public Ad

YG Entertainment and Taehyun have not yet released an official statement regarding the matter.

Meanwhile, Taehyun is set to star in SBS upcoming drama ‘Midnight Diner’ after his acting stint in his recent web drama ‘Girl at 0AM’.

The drama ‘Midnight Diner’ is expected to air at the end of the month.

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