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WINNER member Taehyun reveals his thoughts on the group’s new songs being unable to reach the top spot in music charts.

On the recent broadcast of the tvN show, “Actor’s School,” his schoolmate and labelmate Yoo Byung Jae asks him about his thoughts on WINNER’s songs failing to top the charts.

Taehyun then responds, “I was worried about a lot of things. I wrote the title song myself and released new music after a long time. However, they did not do all too well… To be honest, I can’t concentrate even now. I want to go back to the recording studio.”

In the following interview, Taehyun further reveals, “I had a lot of thoughts regarding the area of music. When I was coming to ‘Actor School,’ I should stop those thoughts and immerse myself in the show completely. However, I really had to drag myself here. Only my body is here, but my mind is still there at the studio.”


Meanwhile, WINNER has recently made their comeback with their mini album, “EXIT:E.” It is the group’s comeback since their hiatus of 18 months as the members have been busy with their individual projects. The mini album contains double lead tracks namely “Baby Baby” and “Sentimental,” both of which are written by Taehyun. They are also embarking on their South Korean tour for their album “EXIT:E.”


Listen to “Baby Baby” below!

Listen to “Sentimental” below!


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