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2PM member Taecyeon talks about his plans for his upcoming military enlistment.

On the April issue of Allure magazine, the 2PM member did a photo shoot and sits down for an interview where he talks about his plans for enlistment and his love for the other 2PM members.

He reveals, “If I had been a solo artist or an actor working alone, my personality would be a lot different from what it is right now. The reason that I enjoyed my work very much is because of the members who have started out with me.”

With regards to his appearances on dramas and variety shows, Taecyeon comments, “Thanks to the show ‘Three Meals a Day,’ kindergarteners could even recognize me. The kids may not probably know who 2PM is, however they know who ‘Ok Bing Woo’ is.”

Taecyeon also reveals his plans for his mandatory military enlistment by saying, “It is my duty as a citizen of South Korea. I would be working hard this year to be able to create more memories before I start my military duty.”

Previously, Taecyeon had undergone physical examination for drafting but because of his poor eyesight and herniated disk, he was found only capable of public service. As a result, he underwent surgeries in order to correct his eye and his herniated disk to be able to enlist.

Aside from being a member of 2PM, Taecyeon is also known for his roles on the dramas, “Cinderella’s Sister,” “Dream High” and “Assembly.”

Taecyeon Allure

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