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2PM member Taecyeon reveals JYP Entertainment’s stand on ‘sajaegi’ in the music industry.

In regards to the recent headlines of idol groups possibly involved on ‘sajaegi’ controversies, 2PM’s Taeyeon shares his thoughts on SNS and JYP Entertainment’s stand on it.

He wrote on his twitter account, “They say that everyone does sajaegi, however no one would admit that they do. I keep on suggesting that we should get on the bandwagon, however the company says no. kekeke. JYP is honest. kekeke”

Sajaegi’ is the act of direct manipulation of the music charts made by a company through assuming illegal online accounts to stream and download their artists’ music repeatedly in order to increase their ranking on the charts. The people who partake on ‘sajaegi’ are called as ‘music chart brokers.’

Recently, the chart manipulation issue has made the headlines after JTBC’s “News Room” has investigated groups who have possibly manipulated the music charts in favor of their artists.

In light of the reports, YG Entertainment has released a statement on the issue after iKON’s album has been shown on blurred images with JTBC stating that they are one of the groups who are under the suspicion of ‘sajaegi’.

“We are glad that this issue is being addressed. We are willing to help in investigating the cases. However, I noticed that you were not able to differentiate between the fans’ support and the acts done by the company.” CEO Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment reveals.


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