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Epik High’s Tablo tries to recruit rappers to his label HIGHGRND behind the scenes in “Show Me The Money 4.”

On the special episode of Mnet’s survival rap battle show “Show Me The Money 4”, they feature behind the scenes stories of the Top 16 contestants and their producers, where Tablo was seen trying to recruit rappers on his new label HIGHGRND.

During the profile photo shoot, Tablo spoke to WINNER’s Song Mino saying, “Hey, you better not debut again as a rapper,” reminding Mino of his commitment to WINNER and YG Entertainment.

Then Tablo jokingly adds, “If you do debut again as a rapper, come to HIGHGRND. If you would come over, you would be the best. Just come over.”

Since Microdot was also nearby, Tablo also tries to recruit him saying, “If you Microdot want to get back together with Dok2 to promote as All Black once again, you guys should come to HIGHGRND too,” making everyone burst into laughter.

tablo 2

Meanwhile, Tablo’s label HIGHGRND has already introduced their first artist which is the rising band Hyukoh. Recently, it has also been reported that Lee Hi would be making her comeback through HIGHGRND as CEO Yang Hyun Suk has his hands full with BIGBANG, WINNER, IKON and PSY’s comeback.

Although Tablo is in charge of producing Lee Hi’s upcoming album, YG Entertainment clarifies that she is still under YG Entertainment and that she is not a HIGHGRND artist.


Which artist or rapper would you like to see in Tablo’s label HIGHGRND?