Home » Tablo reveals the efforts of recruiting The Black Skirts to join HIGHGRND

Tablo reveals how he was able to recruit indie one-man band The Black Skirts to join his label HIGHGRND.

On January, Tablo appeared as a special guest on MBC’s “Tei’s Dreaming Radio.”

DJ Tei asks him, “I heard about HIGHGRND’s latest news. I saw articles that came out and found out that The Black Skirts, who have been picked as the favorite artist by other artists have joined your label.”

Tablo then responds, “The Black Skirts is an artist which I have really liked since way back. When I was working on releasing a solo album, I wanted to ask for him to feature on one of my songs, however, I could not reach him. As I was doing radio, I played The Black Skirts a lot. Somehow, our paths have crossed and he decided to join my label.”

He also reveals, “It took a while for me to find him. He has not released anything new in three years. I heard all sorts of weird rumors about him. I was trying to get his contact info in order to reach him myself, however I heard that he stopped doing music and moved to Alaska that he became a pro gamer. I have heard all sorts of absurd tales however I persistently searched for him and was able to finally meet him. That is how we came to work together.”

The Black Skirts is known for his songs, “Love Me,” “Dientes,” and “Our Young Love.”

Stay tuned for more updates on The Black Skirts!