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Recently, Epik High’s Tablo has attended a gathering for a Korean Alumni Association of Stanford University. However, it has become an issue as some people are again requesting the ‘truth’ regarding Tablo’s education at the elite university.

On November 30, the members of TaJinYo (short for ‘We demand the truth from Tablo’) have left comments on their official homepage following Tablo’s attendance at the year-end party of the Stanford Korea Club in Gangnam, Seoul.

Tablo 2

A TaJinYo member writes, “Why is it that Tablo does not say a single thing in English to his daughther? Is it his hobby to hang out with some strangers from Stanford University?”

Another member also writes, “It looks like there were a lot of fakers at the Stanford alumni meeting. An alumni gathering with no alumni present. What a rare event.”

The Epik High member was previously placed under controversy regarding his education at Stanford University. A group of netizens, who called themselves TaJinYo accused Tablo of lying about his graduation from the university. Tablo then had to provide proof of his education by providing his official transcript and his other legal documents online. Many of his acquaintances as well as his former professors from the university have also attested to the validity of Tablo’s academic background.

Eventually, Tablo decided to sue the members of the group, including their leader for defamation.

Meanwhile, Epik High is set to hold a concert this month.


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