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BIGBANG member T.O.P apologizes for throwing out a cigarette butt out of a car window.

Recently, T.O.P had attended an event in China. While he was riding a car, some of his Chinese fans have followed the idol and was even shouting all kinds of affectionate phrases. Later on, when the car stopped at the light, the fans then caught the BIGBANG member throwing out a cigarette butt from a car window. T.O.P then made a heart sign at his Chinese fans after discarding the cigarette.

When the footage and photos of T.O.P discarding a cigarette butt have spread online, netizens then start to leave negative comments regarding the BIGBANG member’s unpleasant behavior.

The controversy immediately caught the attention of netizens. While some netizens have defended T.O.P saying that it is a normal thing to do. Other netizens pointed out that not only was the BIGBANG member being rude when he littered a cigarette butt from a car, considering that it is an offense to some countries, he threw it in front of his fans as well.

With regards to the controversy, T.O.P then steps up to apologize to his fans regarding the incident by saying, “I sincerely apologize for disappointing the fans. I am really embarrassed. I always throw the butts out in an ashtray, however, I have made a big mistake since I was riding in another person’s car. I do not have any excuses.”

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