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T-Max is a South Korean group under the management company of Two Step Entertainment Plane905. They supposed to be the South Korean version for the Japanese group Arashi.

The group was composed of three members namely, Shin Min Chul as the vocalist, Park Yun Hwa as also a vocalist and Kim Joon as their rapper. The group members were formed based on the idea of maximum and harmony just what their name was saying. Their debut song was a jpop style dance track that is about the time when a new love finally blooms. Many knows that T-Max had once filmed themselves while dancing to Arashi’s Love so Sweet as a gift to one of their producer. T-Max had released their very first album, Blooming in the year 2007 as they had made their debut. Yun Hwa was then featured in Mak Han Shi or Maknae Rebelllion, it is a show that was designed to bring the popular idol youngest members (maknaes) in the main spotlight.

In the year 2010, almost all of their fans have been shocked when Yun Hwa had left the band. It was then revealed that Yun Hwa has decided to join the army earlier instead of waiting for his 29th year in this world, which is what most of male artists in the entertainment industry done. His decision was revealed on the 5th when Yun Hwa had written a message on their group’s fancafe. He regrets that he will be going to leave the group but this was a kind of decision that he had gone through from many thoughts. He had also hopes for everyone to continue supporting T-Max and that he will return as a better singer in the near future. On 16th of November, 2010, the singer had officially joined the army as one of the active duty soldiers, however on a previous day; he posted a message on T-Max’s café naver stating that he will be back in T-Max once his duty has been fulfilled. He also posted s message saying that he will comeback though Kim Joon’s Twitter.

Currently, T-Max had made a special comeback with their new members, Park Hanbi and Joo Chanyang. The group had released their fist full album entitle, “Born to the Max” in the year 2010 as a four member group. They had also released 5 more singles and have contributed on the Boys over Flowers and God of Study OST’s. The single includes Blooming, Lion Hear, Run To you, Single Collection and Love Paradise.

Member Kim Joon has also starred as a member of the F4 in the Korean version of “Boys over Flowers”. In addition to that, T-Max had added to the drama’s OST collection in the late 2008 by singing their main theme song. Park Yunhwa was known because of his participation to “Battle Shinhwa”, it is a show that focused on popular idol boy group Shinhwa that are searching and selecting for members that can create a new boy band group.