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Netizens shared their thoughts on the alleged foul play of the recent voting results on Mnet’s music show ‘M! Countdown’ after T-ara’s Elsie (Eunjung) wins.

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A netizen has written a post on the online community Pann questioning the authenticity of the voting results. An image which shows Elsie taking the top spot and winning over artists like BIGBANG and INFINITE’s Sungkyu with 71.2% on ‘M! Countdown’s’ online charts was posted.


Along with the image posted, the poster of the image also wrote, “T-ara fans have been defending T-ara and saying that T-ara has a large international fanbase. But I don’t think it is enough. We all know that BIGBANG and INFINITE are popular, enough to be able to have an Arena Tour. I know that T-ara is also popular, and I am not denying that, but no matter how popular you are it is still impossible to get 70% for the vote percentage. ”

“Even artists like Girl’s Generation and EXO who are really popular all over the world don’t get high vote percentages like that,” the poster continues.

The poster also writes that if Elsie has that many fans, her album sales should also reflect this but they don’t. The poster also made it clear that he/she isn’t criticizing Elsie but thinks that there is foul play with the voting results and that the company is to blame.

While some netizens criticized the voting result, some netizens also supported Elsie and have defended her.

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