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T-ara is a South Korean girl group that is formed under the management company of Core Contents Media in the year 2009. Before their debut, the group had gained a different level of interest coming from people as they were referred to be Super Rookies and they had trained for three years before they be able to make a debut. As the group were originally consists of five members, they had released their first song Good Person as the sound track for the korean drama Cinderella Man in April 2009. In June 2009, Jiwon and Jiae left the group which cause a delay for their debut. In the next month, they are once again in air but now they are six members with Boram, Qri and Soyeon adding to the group. On that, they released their debut single Lies and in July 2010, they had introduced another member, Ryu Hwayoung that ended up as the seventh member of the group.On 1st of January, 2010, T-ara had won an award for the New Year’s episode of Music Bank for their single, Bo Peep Bo Peep. Two days after that, the group won the mutizen award in Inkigayo and on the following week, they had won their second consecutive Music Bank and mutizen awards. And as expected for the following week, the group earned the third award and was gained the Triple Crown. Later on that month,Core Contents Media had announced that member Eunjung and Hyomin will be taking a part with their label mates SeeYa and Davichi for a project group, Wonder Woman. Consequently, the group then announced the promotions for their next single, Like The First Time.In February, T-ara announced that they are going to release a repackaged version of their debut album and they titled it as Breaking Heart. The music video for its lead single, “I Go Crazy Because of You” was released on the 24th of February, 2010. The group then performed in Mnet’s M! Countdown. After the promotions forthe said song, the group promoted their next single off the repackage album that is titled, I’m Really Hurt.On the 23rd of November, 2010, the group released a music video for their song Why Are You Being Like This. T-ara then began their promotions alongside with their new member, Hwayoung and the new leader Boram. The mini album’s title track was named yayaya. The group had received two consecutive wins for the songs on Mnet M! Countdown on the 9th of December 2010 and 16th of December, 2010 respectively.The group had finished their Temptastic promotions in January 2011 and there is a new album that is being prepared. Also the group will be going to advance in Japan as soon as the release of their new album was finished. In May, 2011, the group performed for the opening of the GSL Starcraft 2 GOMTV Code S Finals.

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