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On the recent episode of Mnet’s “4 Things Show”, Eunjung and Hyomin of girl group T-ara appeared as special guests and opens up about the bullying controversy.

In the show, Eunjung talks about her public image. She bursts into tears as she opens up about the bullying controversy T-ara has experienced before.

“Back then, I am always worried about how the public thinks of me each time I make an appearance on a program, this time I decided not to think so much about it,” and bursts into tears. “There are some things that are not true but the general public assumes that it is,” she continues.

Hyomin was also asked if she was a bully during her school years, she then reveals, “I was more of the girl that was being bullied,” she continues, “I know why the T-ara members got a reputation like that, we have lived together in a dorm full of six girls, of course there are lots of times when we have conflicts.”

Girl Group T-ara under Core Contents Media,now known as MBK Entertainment, was under fire a few years ago after former member Hwayoung has been removed from the group. Rumors about the other T-ara members bullying Hwayoung had surfaced online and had sparked the interest of the general public.

hwayoung-finds-laughter-after-t-ara-crisisHwayoung and the other members have revealed that the bullying issue was distorted by the netizens, but they had also confirmed that there really was a conflict in the group.

A year later, newly added member Areum has also left the group, many have speculated that she was also bullied by the other members.


Despite the controversy that the group has faced, many fans still continued to support T-ara as well as the former members Hwayoung and Areum.