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Earlier, T-ARA has received criticisms from their fans due to the girl group’s alleged poor attitude on the filming of “Idol Star Athletics Championship”.

While some fans have criticized T-ARA, some have also protected them and claimed that the girl group gave good fan service.

It was then revealed that during the wrestling event of the show, the members of T-ARA have sat down on an area which the fans could not see them properly due to obstructions. A fan manager then reveals that the T-ARA members have believed that the fans could see them.

It was then that the fans felt that the members did not give them a glance, while the girl group had assumed that the fans could see them properly which then led to the misunderstanding.

After learning this, many fans have apologized on their actions and comments. They also reveal that they were very busy following T-ARA’s activities and had lack of sleep that they have jumped into conclusions.

Meanwhile, some of the T-ARA members have also posted on their SNS accounts showing their gratitude to fans.

Soyeon instagram

Member Soyeon posts a selfie on her Instagram account along with the T-ARA fans on the bleachers.

While Qri, expressed her gratitude to the fans who have supported them even until late hours and apologized to those who were not able to see members due to the distance.


It seems that the misunderstanding has been solved.


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