Home » Swimmer Park Tae Hwan and adorable World Cup announcer Jang Ye Won rumored to be in a relationship + SBS denies


The news went viral when the Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Park Tae Hwan and the beautiful Korean newscaster Jang Ye Won have been spotted on dates.

It has been reported by the ‘The Fact’  that there’s an ongoing relationship between the two since the media exposed many pictures of their several dates.

‘The Fact’ reported that Park Tae Hwan and Jang Ye Won were seen enjoying the night, watching movie together and spending happy moments inside the car.

Due to their busy schedules, they are dating during  weekends. They were also spotted on exchanging gifts. Is this just ‘some relationship or if it is true love’- the media poll made this questions.



After the report, SBS  discloses that their announcer Jang Ye Won ‘s denial about her relationship with the swimmer.

SBS Statement:

“After checking, we have learned that Park Tae Hwan and Jang Ye Won have no special relationship. They are just close oppa-dongseng… Because they are just friends, they feel no pressure in enjoying movies together.”  “They’re really just friends, they’re also not in any ‘some’ stage either,” firmly denying the reports.