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Choshinsung or Supernova is a South Korean boy band that was formed under the management of Mnet Media. It is consists of a total six members that are al specialized in different areas of singing, dancing, acting, rap and of course pop. Since their debut, the group had mainly gained popularity not only in South Korea but also in other East Asian countries such as Japan and Thailand.On September 14, the group had collaborated with girl group T-ara to release a digital single entitled, “T.T.L” or Time To Love, it is a hip hop song with some electronic sounds. To all the members, only Geonji, GwangSu and JiHyuk, alongside with T-ara’s SoYeon, Hyomi, EunJung and Jiyeon were joined in the said digital single. During the month of September, the seven of them was actively promoted the song on various music shows of Korea. There was also a remix version of the song “T.T.L Listen 2” that was released on October 9 alongside with the music video that features all the members of the two groups. Even though it was known that the rest of the members from both groups do not have any parts on the remix version, they had still participated in the song’s promotions from the month of October onwards.Supernova had made their Japanese debut in September with their three singles released in three consecutive weeks, the singles are namely “Kimidake wo Zutto”, “Hikari” and Superstar ~Reborn~”. The first two singles are new releases while the third one is just a Japanese remix of their Korean single “Superstar”. On October 21st, they had released their very first Japanese album entitled as Hana. The group had gone back to Korea as they announced and revealed their comeback music video teaser for “On Days That I missed You” on 12th of August, 2010. While on August 17, 2010 they had released their first mini album titled as “Time to Shine”. The next day, they had finally unleashed the full music video for “On Days That I missed You”. Later, it was announced that “Shining Star” will be their comeback song to Japan.They had held their “Choshinsei Show 2010” in the Yokohama Arena last 21st of December with almost 13, 000 attendees. In the eary 2011, each of the members concentrated more on their individual career both in Korea and Japan. Member Sungje has been a part of “Really Really Like You” with T-ara’s Boram. Kwangsoo on the other hand was casted in “Real School” which is a sitcom that he acted upon with U-Kiss’s Dongho, Kiseop and Eli. Following the first said two members, Sungmo has been starred for “Coronation Ball” musical. Their leader Yoonhak had made himself wrapped up in the busy schedule of his Japanese drama, “Love Kimchi” that was broadcasted for NHK’s 70th Anniversary. He was also casted in musical, “Finding Kim Jong Wook” in Korea. Tow members, Kwangsoo and Jihyunk were now chosen to be the MC for “K-Pop Zone” hosted by MNet Japan.