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Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk fell while performing for their stage on Inkigayo!

During the stage for “The Beat Goes On”, Eunhyuk slipped and fell during his dance break. He seems to be shocked for some time as he stays down for a bit, but he quickly gets up and after a little while, Donghae makes Eunhyuk smile again as he puts his arm around Eunhyuk and hugs him close.

To make fans stop worrying, Eunhyuk wrote on his Instagram “Heheheeh don’t make fun of me hehehe” and “Okay, it was natural. #Don’tTalkAboutIt #YouJustHaveToStayQuiet #Inkigayo #TheBeatGoesOn #YouAsMuchAsMe“.

And after that relief, fans started creating crazily funny artworks about his fall!

Eunhyuk_1425861448_20150308_eunhyuk_fall3 Eunhyuk_1425861449_20150308_eunhyuk_fall4

We’re glad he is fine and doesn’t care much about his image <3