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Super Junior members and their fans have voiced out their discontent with the album cover art of “Magic”, which is the Part 2 of their 10th anniversary album.

The male group is scheduled to release the second part of their 10th anniversary album in a week, however a few members and fans have voiced out their discontent on SNS with their album’s cover art.

The fans claimed that the album art was too simple and that not a lot of effort was put on this release. To this, some fans have even decided to make their own designs. One of which, was then noticed by Eunhyuk and have shared it on his Instagram account.

In his Instagram account, Eunhyuk wrote, “It’s like this #magic #greatsong #It’sInFactOur10thAnniversary #Part2Album.”

Eunhyuk Instagram2

To this, Heechul was then seen by fans making a comment on Eunhyuk’s post, he writes, “Did you use Paint to make this??”

heecul comment

After the said post, Eunhyuk then shares a fan made album cover for “Magic” which is different from the official album cover art.

Eunhyuk then posts the caption, “Ah.. Beautiful #GoldenHandELF #magic #ReallyGoodSong.”

Eunhyuk Instagram1

Meanwhile, the album “Magic” would be the last album for members Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon who would all be preparing for their military service in two months.

The Part 2 of Super Junior’s 10th anniversary album “Magic” would include four new tracks following the release of “Devil” last July. The album is set to be released on September 16.


What are your thoughts on Super Junior’s “Magic” album cover?