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Girl’s Generation member Sunny reveals the group’s dormitory refrigerator and talks about the famous ‘SNSD Diet’.

In the recent episode of JTBC’s “Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator”, Sunny appears as a special guest and represented the group.

The refrigerator which was shared by members Tiffany, Taeyeon and Sunny was revealed.

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When the MCs saw the refrigerator which looks plain, they commented, “It does not really suit Girl’s Generation. Were you able to get permission with the other members to reveal it?”

Sunny then explains that the group has used the same refrigerator ever since their debut days, she also reveals, “I got permission from half of the members. Some of them are even embarrassed since the refrigerator looks worn out, most especially YoonA!”, causing the studio to burst into laughter.

When the contents of the refrigerator was revealed, everyone was surprised to see that it was full of different varieties of alcohol and Tiffany and Taeyeon’s unusual food tastes.

In the episode, she also talks about the truth regarding the famous ‘SNSD Diet’.

When Sunny commented, “I am very sensitive about my body recently, especially since it is close to our comeback date.”

sunny 2

To this, the MCs asked her regarding the group’s famous diet. Back then, a rumor has surfaced that the members have an 800 calorie per day meal plan.

Sunny then reveals, “Honestly, we had no idea where the rumor came from since no one from the group sticks to that diet plan. We asked each other if it was their diet plan but no one that it was theirs.”