Home » Sunny admits dating a celebrity and witnessed a top male celebrity on a date


‘Roommate ladies ‘ Sunny, Nana, and Lee Kuk Ju, were making  juicy girl talk once again on the January 27 installment.

This day, a  question was thrown as, “Have you ever dated a celebrity?” to which Sunny’s cool reply was, “Yes, I have.  There was no more or less discomfort dating a celebrity.  We just met as people.”

When asked how they dated even if  they were so busy, Sunny continued, “Seeing as how we were both so busy, it became a ‘messenger love,’ ‘messenger dating,'” suggesting they could only chat and rarely meet up in person.  She said, “It was hard for it to develop into sincere love.  I never got past one year.

She also revealed that she once saw a very well-known male celebrity on a secret date!

As they were talking about the celebrity dating , Sunny spoke up her experience on witnessing celebrity at the movie theater, stating, “A famous male celebrity went there with a woman, and they purposely arrived right before the movie started.  However, as they came in the dark, the light from the movie screen actually hit them right on, revealing them.  The woman following behind him really bent her head down, showing only the crown of her head as if she was a person who sinned.

Can you guess who the celebrity was.?….. Still they are humans , they need to enjoy their privacy.