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Wonder Girls member Sunmi reveals her thoughts on competing with GFriend.

On a recent photo shoot and interview with @Star1 magazine, Wonder Girls member Sunmi talks about their latest track, “Why So Lonely” and her thoughts on competing with junior groups.

She comments, “The music chart rankings change quickly these days. When the feedback to the song was good, I found it surprising. I thought that the song would not last long on the charts. However, it kept ranking number one amongst ourselves. The other members kept on saying that the heavens are helping us.”

With regards to competing with GFriend who debuted eight years after Wonder Girls, Sunmi shares, “Is this situation where you say, ‘I am surprised by how much things have changed?’ If you view it in a certain way, we are both from different generations. It felt so strange to be standing on the same stage with good songs that are much loved by the public.”

She also adds, “As an unnie to them, rather than their senior, I worry about them since they are young, and it is currently a crazy time for them. When I met them, I told them, ‘Always make sure that you eat.’”

Since last July, Wonder Girls and GFriend have been competing on music shows with Wonder Girls having their comeback for “Why So Lonely” and GFriend for their track, “Navillera.”


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