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f(x) member Sulli has been rumored to have left the group to focus on her acting career while the group prepares for an upcoming comeback.

As reported by Herald Review Star, insiders from the entertainment industry have revealed that Sulli would be leaving the group in order to pursue a solo career in acting.

Since her contract with SM Entertainment has not expired yet, she would still remain as an SM artist.

Previously, rumors and speculations have surfaced regarding Sulli not being active in f(x).

Fans have also noted and wondered about Sulli’s absence in the recent Baskin Robbins CF of the group. However, SM Entertainment has explained that Sulli’s absence from the CF was because she was on hiatus when the contract was signed.


Sulli has previously stopped all her group activities following her dating scandal with Dynamic Duo member Choiza and for other personal matters. f(x)’s promotions for “Red Light” has also been shortened after Sulli’s hiatus. The other members of the group have then pursued individual activities through dramas and variety shows.

Meanwhile, f(x) is also reported to be making their comeback as a 4-member group with members Victoria, Krystal, Luna and Amber. Their comeback is speculated to be in September which will follow label mate Girl’s Generation’s summer comeback in July.

SM Entertainment and Sulli’s side have not yet responded to the issue.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Sulli’s alleged departure from f(x)!


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