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f(x) member Sulli revealed to be leaving the group officially and Jessica officially leaves SM Entertainment.

On August 7, after previous rumors and speculations, SM Entertainment has revealed that Sulli would be departing from the group and that f(x) would continue as a four-member group.

SM Entertainment has confirmed the departure rumors by revealing a statement to the media.

“We have negotiated with Sulli and decided to respect her wishes to leave f(x) and focus on her acting career. Currently, she is on break and would be working on her future activities,” SM Entertainment reveals.

It was previously rumored that Sulli have left the group and she was spotted by fans going on a vacation on Europe and going on dates with her boyfriend Choiza of Dynamic Duo.

sulli-feature SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment also reveals, “Following Sulli’s departure, f(x) would be going ahead as a four-member group with Victoria, Amber, Luna and Krystal.”

“Since f(x) is receiving much love for their unique music and with each member becoming well-respected artists on their own rights. We plan to fully support f(x) and Sulli on their activities,” they added.

The news came after SM Entertainment also announced that former Girl’s Generation member Jessica officially leaves SM Entertainment.

Both sides have revealed that they have decided to part ways and ended their contract after many discussions.

Jessica - SM Entertainment

After the news broke out, Jessica then posts a photo on her Weibo account with the caption, “Miss you guys too! Keep smiling!”


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