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EXO leader Suho reveals how his hardships impacted his passion for acting.

On a recent interview with media outlet TV Report, Suho reveals how his hardships had impacted his passion for acting.

He reveals that he was admitted as an acting major in Korea National University of Arts while he was still a trainee of SM Entertainment by saying, “When I was in my last year of high school, I hurt my leg while I was preparing to debut. I think that I was quite depressed that I could not dance and that my acting was static. At that time, when I received my acceptance letter to that university, it was just like a ray of light sent from the heavens.”

He also reveals, “I would go to school, even on weekends and every night I would go to the agency in order to practice. Because of those tiring moments, I have found faith in myself. I realized that I could endure anything since I have overcome this.”

When asked about his thoughts on acting, Suho reveals, “Acting is important. To me, it is a desire and a way to relieve my emotions. Through acting, I could do things I could not do, or have not been able to do in real life. Also, I am able to indirectly convey my emotions to the viewers when I act.”

Meanwhile, Suho has made his film debut with “Glory Day.” It was shown on the 20th Busan International Film Festival last year. “Glory Day” would then be released in theaters on March 24.