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Stellar talks about the changes in their lineup and their longevity in the entertainment industry on a recent interview and photo shoot with bnt magazine.

The group reveals, “After the first album, Hyoeun and Minhee joined the group. However, their personalities matched very well with us that we did not even notice any changes. We have found out that the new members would be joining us during the photo shoot for the album jacket.”

Stellar adds, “Gayoung and Minhee have known each other since they were in middle school. They are close friends for over ten years.”

With regards to their longevity in the industry, the group comments, “The resting time in between promotional activities is the hardest part. We usually wait for a song and begin to yearn for the stage. We really did feel a lot of pressure to do a sexy concept after our promotions with ‘Marionette.’ However, if we try to do another concept, it tends to get overlooked. There is not much response to our other concepts. We feel sad that the public only sees us as a racy girl group.”

When asked about which variety show they would like to appear in, they answered, “Ask Us Anything.” The members also reveal that they would like to trade jokes and get along with Super Junior’s Heechul who is a cast member of the program.

Meanwhile, Stellar made their debut in 2011 with “Rocket Girl.” They are known for their songs, “Crying,” “Sting,” “Vibrato,” “Fool” and “Marionette.”

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