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Girl group Stellar opens about their albums and concepts during their recent photo shoot and interview with bnt magazine.

The group reveals, “The previous album has a fresh feeling. For our new album, we tried so hard to appeal to our femininity and sexiness. We have gained more fans and during our fan signings, we have noticed a lot more foreign fans as well.”

With regards to their thoughts during their preparation for their new album, Stellar shares, “Since we come from a small agency, we are always worried that this album would become our last if it would not go well. However, since the album did well, our CEO became stronger with his convictions for us.”


When asked about the concept of their next album, the members reveal, “We would like to have a song which expresses deep love. We were very disappointed that our song ‘Vibrato’ did not do so well. But, we want our next song to be like that. The song ‘Vibrato’ did not have a fast beat. However, the more you would listen to it, the more fun it becomes.”

They also add, “We would like to release an album before the weather becomes colder.”

With regards to their busy schedule when promoting their songs, the group comments, “These days, promotional periods for the idols has gotten short. If you rest for too long, you would be quickly forgotten by the public. Also, you could get depressed when you rest for too long. It would be better to live a busy life.”