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Starship Entertainment is revealed to be making legal action against the netizens who have spread ‘sajaegi’ rumors.

Recently, the issue on companies making ‘sajaegi’ or chart manipulation has come to light as JTBC’s “New’s Room” has investigated groups and companies who have possibly manipulated the charts for their artists’ songs.

Previously, YG Entertainment has also released a statement saying that they would be willing to help investigate on the ‘sajaegi’ accusations against them. While 2PM member Taecyeon has also revealed on his SNS account regarding JYP Entertainment’s stand on ‘sajaegi.’

Starship Entertainment releases a statement saying, “We would institute legal action against the netizens that have spread malicious rumors about Starship Entertainment artists. We could not take any more of these harsh words and rumors regarding chart manipulation. We believe that it is a form of invasion of human rights. We have the right to sue to be able to protect individuals’ reputations.”

“The housed artists have been hurt by the ongoing ‘sajaegi’ rumors. We decided to make an action since these rumors are diminishing the artists’ sense of achievement which they have worked so hard for. Starship Entertainment has been patient with these kinds of malicious rumors until now, despite the fact that the level of vulgarity of the comments have kept on rising and it is unacceptable. We hope that these malicious rumors interfering with the entertainment industry would die down with this decision,” the agency adds.


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