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SPICA member Yang Jiwon has been reported to have been involved in a car accident after dozing off at the wheel.

On July 3, Gangnam Police reported that the SPICA member have caused a three-vehicle accident at July 2, 11:30 pm (KST). According to the report, Jiwon was on her way to Seongsu-dong from the direction of Apjujeong at Seongsu Bridge.

It is said that Jiwon had crashed her Chevrolet in two taxis which stopped at the red light which was in the lane next to her when she was on her way home. There were a total of four people including the idol that were involved in the three-car accident. They were reported to have had minor pain in their knees, arms and necks.

Jiwon was reported to have transferred to a local hospital and suffered a slight injury in her wrist, along with the others who were involved in the accident.

When Jiwon’s blood alcohol level was checked after the scene of the car crash, the police confirmed that the idol was not driving under the influence of alcohol.

On July 3, a representative of SPICA’s agency B2M Entertainment addressed the accident, “Although Jiwon is in a great shock after the accident, she has not sustained any major injuries. She went to the hospital after the accident and was discharged after having a cast on her finger.”

“The accident happened when Jiwon was practicing hard in preparations for SPICA’s upcoming comeback. We apologize for causing the fans to worry,” the representative continues. “It was not due to drunk driving,” the representative emphasized.