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Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung talks about Tiffany’s solo debut.

During Tiffany’s live “V” app broadcast, she received a call from Sooyoung. Tiffany then reveals to the viewers, Sooyoung was one of the top two people who witnesses the making of my album. I think that Taeyeon and Sooyoung were the ones who had the most direct hand in the album-making process.”

Sooyoung then responds by praising Tiffany. She reveals, “Tiffany is great at viewing herself objectively. For me, the most important thing about being an artist is knowing where you are and judging whether you can take on a project when you have the confidence for it. When Girls’ Generation are amongst ourselves, it is easy to become a big fish in a small pond. Tiffany was not swayed at the distractions and made her debut when she knew that she could do well.”

She also adds, “I was really surprised at how Tiffany prepared for her solo debut. She is someone who looks at the entire forest. Tiffany looks at many things, but I was proud of her for only setting her eyes on music. It was great that she was more focused on the music rather than her clothes nor the MV.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany has recently made her solo debut with “I Just Wanna Dance.”

Check out Tiffany’s music video for “I Just Wanna Dance” below and tell us your thoughts!



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