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Girls Generation showed their support to their co-member Sooyoung by coming to the set of her drama and being sensible by bringing food for the staffs of “My Spring Day” in which the drama ended it’s airing successfully last October 30.

Sooyoung shared on her Social Networking Account, Instagram on October 30,


“The goddesses got together at our set. They bowed to the director and cast, greeting them one by one and asking them to look at our Sooyoung fondly..My dependable sisters.. Thank you so so muchㅠㅡㅠ I love you ! #MySpringDay #Goddesses #DongHa’sBigSmile #Girls’Generation #ILoveYouFriends.”

She also uploaded another picture stating,

 “On my wedding day, guests who are prettier than the bride arrived. Yurijjing and Hyoyeon jjing came with plenty of warm canned coffee and bread. ^^ They visited the set. My friends’ warm hearts melted the cold set. I love you Yul-Hyo #Girls’Generation #MySpringDay @yulyulk @watasiwahyo.”