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Girl’s Generation member Sooyoung bribes her captor for freedom on “Running Man”.

The members of Girl’s Generation along with SHINee’s Minho and mixed martial artist Choi Hong Man appeared on the recent episode of SBS variety show “Running Man”.

During the name tag elimination mission, Choi Hong Man corners Sooyoung in one of the mall’s store where she hides in a changing stall. After hearing someone, Sooyoung does her best to pull the door back in order to keep her captor away.

Sooyoung RM1

However, after Choi Hong Man confirms that someone is at the other side of the door, he tries to open the door but failed. He then gets a ladder and climbs over, he then sees Sooyoung at the other side of the door.

Sooyoung exclaims, “This is my first time on “Running Man”!” Choi Hong Man then lets out a laugh and responds, “It is my first time too!”

Sooyoung then pleads him, “Oppa, please spare me once… I’ll give you all of Girl’s Generation’s phone numbers!”

Choi Hong Man  RM1

Choi Hong Man was tempted at first but did not give in. “I’ll buy you dinner anytime you want,” Sooyoung continues. He then thinks of her deal carefully then Sooyoung tries again, “Oppa, do you really want to miss out on having all or Girl’s Generation’s phone numbers as well as tickets to our concerts and signed CDs?”


Watch the clip below to find out if Choi Hong Man agrees on the deal or catches Sooyoung!