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U-KISS leader Soohyun speaks up following Eli’s marriage and wife’s pregnancy announcement.

Following the surprising announcement of Eli’s marriage and his wife being 3 months pregnant, his co-member Soohyun shares his thoughts on the matter.

Soohyun writes on his Twitter account, “Our fans must have been really worried due to the shocking news today, right? I apologize that you were shocked. We were also taken back, however, I am heartbroken thinking about how long Eli and his wife must have suffered. They probably wanted to tell us sooner but did not have the courage to do so.”

He adds, “U-KISS members will make sure to communicate more with the fans. There are people who are angry, and people who have sent their blessings. From here on, please lend your strength to Eli, who gathered his courage, as well as to his baby who would be born.”

Finally, Soohyun tweets, “Even if something like this has happened, U-KISS would not change. We would be showing you an even more mature side after this. As the leader, I wish to relay my apologies once more. We will work even harder. Thank you.”

SohyunMeanwhile, U-KISS’ management agency NH Media, reveals that Eli’s marriage would not affect his activities as a U-KISS member and that he would continue his schedules as usual. The U-KISS members are currently in Japan for their December promotions and their fan meeting.


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