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Actress Song Yoon Ah responds to malicious commenters accusing her of being an adulteress.

Song Yoon Ah posted a screenshot containing a couple of malicious comments regarding her casting as a villain on the upcoming tvN drama, “The K2.”

One comment says, “When you watch a drama, the most villainous role of them all is by far the adulteress.”

Second commenter writes, “To the public, isn’t she already a wicked woman? Her role is not hard to adjust at all.”

Another comment reads, “Next time, play the role of a woman who takes the place of a good old wife. I think the acting would come out naturally. You will surely win an award for your natural acting.”

In response, Song Yoon Ah writes:

“I often have this thought, ‘If I am really a woman who has lived this kind of life, as these people would say I did and are very positive about, how would my life look…’ I wish you would all stop now.

The fact that I have never with my mouth denied the rumors is because I thought everything in life happened for a reason. I did not even ask for your understanding.

Okay~ Just as I have lived until now, I will continue to live virtuously all the more… At the very least, I think that I have lived my life knowing what to do or not do as a human being… And that is how I want to live.”

Meanwhile, since her marriage to actor Sol Kyung Gu back in 2009, the actress has dealt with accusations of being an adulteress after netizens claim that her relationship with the actor started as an affair since he was still married to his first wife.