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Actor Song Il Gook reveals on an interview that he reads comments about his triplets.

Following the end of his new drama “Jang Young Sil,” Song Il Gook sat down for an interview where he talks about his SNS and his triplets.

When asked if he reads comments about himself on the internet, the actor responds, “I do not read them often. I do not read ones about me, however, I do read comments about my triplets.”

The interviewer then proceeds to talk about Song Il Gook’s recently made Instagram account dedicated to his triplets. Song Il Gook then comments, “I was really surprised that I surpassed a million followers in two weeks. I think that the fans of ‘The Return of Superman’ were curious about how the triplets are doing after the program.”

He also adds, “I had already made the account a while ago, however, I could not find good photos to post. I have officially started it after finishing the drama. I have a 20-terabyte external hard drive at home for photos and videos. I even call it the black hole since things enter it and never come out.”

Song Il Gook and his triplets, Daehan, Minguk and Manse are known for appearing on the show, “The Return of the Superman” from July 2014 up to February 2016.

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