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Actress Song Hye Kyo talks about marriage and her life as an actress.

On her recent interview, Song Hye Kyo talks about her life as an actress by saying, “When I was still younger, I had a lot of friends, but, as I grew older, my relationships seemed to have lessened. I tend to look for people who can take me no matter what I do, and those are the kinds of people who last. I think that I am especially more sensitive since I have to be careful in everything.”

She also reveals, “Everything else is the same. I cry whenever I struggle, I drink with my friends to relieve stress, and I also travel. There are times when I am irritated, and I get mad at people. I want to say something different about living as Song Hye Kyo. However there really isn’t anything special.”

With regards to her plans for marriage, Song Hye Kyo responds, “Yeah, I do think about it. It is about time. There are times that I feel like I need to rush. However, sometimes I just think ‘I am enjoying my life. Why do I need to marry when I am doing what I want?’ But, I guess I have to get married some time, right?”

Meanwhile, aside from the recently ended drama, “Descendants of the Sun,” the actress is also known for her roles on “Autumn in My Heart,” “All In,” and “Full House.”

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