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Girl group SONAMOO reveals the reasons why they pick Girls’ Generation as their role model.

On the recent showcase of SONAMOO for their comeback song “I Like U Too Much” at Yes24 Muv Hall in Mapo, Seoul, the group talks about their role model.

When asked about their role model, Sumin reveals, “We want to be just like Girls’ Generation. They are so loved all over the world, and we want to be just like them one day.”

She also adds, “Girls’ Generation also showcases their different charms through variety, acting, and other entertainment areas. Their album concepts are very unique as well. With SONAMOO having seven unique individuals, we also possess different charms and it is our wish to show them all to you.”

The group also reveals how watching Girls’ Generation videos helped them while preparing for their comeback “I Like U Too Much.”

Euijin reveals, “While preparing for our comeback, we looked at a lot of videos and prepared hard.”

She adds, “We even copied a lot of facial expressions. We looked up to Girls’ Generation sunbaes a lot.”

Meanwhile, SONAMOO has recently released the music video for their new song “I Like U Too Much.” The group made their debut in December 2014 with the single “Déjà vu.” SONAMOO is also known for their songs “Cushion,” and “Just Go.”


Take a look at SONAMOO’s “I Like U Too Much” music video below!


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