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Actress Son Ye Jin reveals her thoughts on marriage in a recent interview with “Section TV.”

Interviewer Park Seul Gi reveals, “When I interviewed you three years before, you revealed that you would be married within two years.”

The actress then jokingly responds, “Did I really say that? I say some weird things during interviews.”

She also adds, “I thought that I would be married by the time that I turn 34. I have been focusing on my acting career, which is why I have not been able to marry like I wanted to. I will definitely get married in the next three years. I think that time will fly fast again.”

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin is known for her roles in the dramas “Shark,” “Personal Taste,” “Summer Scent” and “Great Ambition.” She has also starred in the films, “April Snow,” “The Classic,” “The Pirates,” and “My Wife Got Married.”

Son Ye Jin will also be starring in the thriller upcoming thriller film “The Truth Beneath” in which she played the role of a wife of a politician who dreams of becoming a member of the National Assembly but gets wrapped up in a terrible case. The film “The Truth Beneath” also stars Kim Joo Hyeok and Moon Young Dong. It is scheduled to be released on June 23.


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