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Singer Sol Bi denies accusations that her SNS post made in November was aimed at IU.

Solbi addresses the issue and talks about what she has been up to on her recent photo shoot and interview with fashion magazine bnt.

The interviewer asks the female singer if she was thinking of someone in particular regarding her previous SNS post saying, “There is freedom in creativity. However, with that comes responsibility.”

To this, Solbi clarifies, “It was not aimed at anyone in particular. I was simply expressing my thoughts on the issue.”

Previously, IU’s newly released album has become controversial following the criticisms for her sexual interpretation of the character Zezé from the book, “My Sweet Orange Tree” on her song “Zezé” as well as her bonus track “Twenty-Three” which fans pointed that it was similar to Britney Spears’ “Gimme More.” Following the controversy, many artists have also shared their thoughts on freedom of expression.

Meanwhile, Solbi also shares regarding her dating life by saying, “I am having so much fun these days for my creative work. I have no interest in men. Paintings have become my new boyfriend. Marriage feels so foreign to me. If anything, I would like to think about it in about five years.”

She also adds, “I want to challenge myself continuously. I want to live each and every day by being happy creating my art.”


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