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Former Wonder Girls member Sohee revealed to have become a free agent following contract expiration with agency.

After Sohee’s contract expiration with her management agency BH Entertainment, it has been revealed that she has now become a free agent.

Sohee debuted as one of the original members of JYP Entertainment’s girl group Wonder Girls in 2007 with their single “Irony”. In 2014, Sohee left the group and the agency following her contract expiration. It has been said that she left in order to focus on her acting career. Her leave from Wonder Girls has also been confirmed a few months ago and Sohee have made a letter to her fans.

Afterwards, she has signed in BH Entertainment, which also houses actresses Ha Ji Min, Han Ga In and Han Hyo Joo. Unfortunately, it did not further Sohee’s acting career as she was only seen through different photo shoots for magazines and CFs and with the tvN drama “Heart to Heart” as Sohee’s only television appearance. However, in March, it has been reported that she got a role in an upcoming film “Busan Bound,” along with JYP Entertainment actor Choi Woo Shik.

Her management agency BH Entertainment has also confirmed the contract expiration news with their artist Sohee.

Meanwhile, there has been no word yet on which agency Sohee would be signing with or if she would build her one-man agency.

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