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SNL Korea’ issues an official apology to SM Entertainment, Girl’s Generation and SONEs for burning Girl’s Generation’s photos and albums during their recent episode hosted by Wonder Girls.

In ‘The 5th Army President’ skit on the recent broadcast of ‘SNL Korea,’ Wonder Girls starts off as the army’s favorite girl group with their hits such as “Tell Me” and “So Hot.”They are then given the authority with regards to the circulation of girl group albums in the military. In order to eliminate the competition, they made a law called ‘Idol Protection Law’ which makes Wonder Girls the only girl group in the military. Such law has then led to huge protests in the army and demands of legalization of the other girl groups, in particular, Girl’s Generation.

In one scene, photos and albums of Girl’s Generation were burned and stepped on after the military officials confiscated them from a group of fanatic soldiers.

Girl’s Generation Girl’s Generation 2Viewers of the broadcast became uncomfortable and questioned the show if it really was necessary to present Girl’s Generation in such way, most especially since the member’s faces and album are visible in the skit.

In response, ‘SNL Korea’ issues an apology through their Facebook account:

“We would like to address the scene which involved Girl’s Generation that aired in the ‘The 5th Army President’ featuring Wonder Girls. While trying to present Wonder Girls’ history in a drama format, we could not avoid mentioning the popular group Girl’s Generation. We apologize for making the fans uncomfortable and would make sure to be more attentive in the future. The scene would either be deleted or revised on the reruns of the episode. We apologize again to Girl’s Generation, their fans and SM Entertainment.”

SNL Korea

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