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Yuta of SM Rookies has recently joined the cast of “Abnormal Summit” as a representative from Japan, along with five other new cast members from different countries.

Previously, six of the cast members of the show have taken their exit. The new addition to the cast lineup of “Abnormal Summit” now includes, Carlos from Brazil, Nikolai from Norway, Andreas from Greece, Przemyslaw from Poland, Sammy  from Egypt and Yuta who would be taking over Cross Gene‘s Takuya as the representative of Japan.

Abnormal Summit new cast

In the recent episode of the show, the new cast members were revealed. Zhang Yuan then asks Yuta as to what he would be bringing to the show as he is still twenty one years old and that he lacks experience compared to the other casts. Yuta then responds that he could contribute a young perspective in the discussion.

Zhan Yuan then proceeds, “I’ll ask you something that only young Japanese people would know and answer. What do the young people in Japan think about the problems regarding Japan’s history?”

Yuta and Zhan Yuan

Yuta then responds, “I could not speak for everyone in Japan, but in my opinion, the youth acknowledge historical events. We think that some of politicians in Japan have apologized, but we keep on doing so til the other parties would accept the apology.”

“This is why we think that Germany is really an impressive country,” Yuta adds, in reference to Germany’s positive diplomatic relations with its neighboring countries.

Zhang Yuan then responds, “If what you have said is sincere, then I think we could be friends.”


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