Home » SM Entertainment to sue media outlets that exaggerated EXO’s Tao kissing and hugging


EXO’s Tao has been in a hot issue this past few days not only because he is a member of EXO-M with Luhan but there has been an uproar in the internet about him allegedly kissing and hugging in public with a woman. Chinese media outlets released a paparazzi video of EXO’s Tao that was seen hugging his goodbyes to SM Staffs as what the rumors are stating and Tao was also captured by this video that he was kissing a woman. With these, SM Entertainment didn’t want to just sit back on these malicious rumors and they’ve released a statement that they will be taking legal actions to these Chinese Media Outlets for exaggerating EXO Tao’s acts.

SM Entertainment released a statement on October 14:

“We will be taking legal action against the news outlet that maliciously distorted the scene of Tao saying good-bye to his friends and those who thoughtlessly shared it,” and “We will also strongly deal with any other groundless rumors and distorted truths from this point onward.” (Translated by mwave)


This is also a good news for all Tao-biased! Because SM Entertainment is taking legal actions for the sake of Tao and clearing his name. So to all those EXO-Ls that have been heart broken by this news, cheer up! Tao is still yours <3