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SM Entertainment speaks up following the court’s decision on their contractual dispute with former EXO members Kris and Luhan.

Recently, the court has announced its decision for the SM Entertainment dispute with their former artists Kris and Luhan. The court recommended the two parties to reconcile. The final agreement also reveals that Kris and Luhan’s exclusive contracts with SM Entertainment would stay in force until 2022 as originally planned.

With regards to the court’s decision, a representative of SM Entertainment announced, “We could not disclose more details about the agreement. However, in accordance with the court’s ruling and the agreement of the parties involved, the exclusive contracts of Kris and Luhan would be valid until 2022 as originally contracted.”

The representative also reveals, “Kris and Luhan, excluding areas in Korea and Japan, will entrust jurisdiction rights to SM Entertainment. They will also share a part of their revenues to SM Entertainment. Needless to say, Kris and Luhan would not be promoting as members of EXO.”

Meanwhile, after Kris and Luhan decided to leave EXO, they pursued solo careers in China.

Kris went on to star in the 2015 film “Somewhere Only We Know” which marked his film debut. He also released his first solo song “Time Boils to Rain” which became a soundtrack for the Chinese film “Tiny Times 3.”

Luhan, on the other hand, has made his film debut in the 2015 movie “20 Once Again.” He also released his first solo album “Reloaded.”


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