Home » Siwon appears on ‘Gag Concert’ and challenges his look-alike

Super Junior visual member Choi Siwon made an appearance to the recent broadcast of ‘Gag Concert’ to challenge his self-proclaimed look alike.

In the May 31 episode of the show, Siwon made a surprise appearance in the comedy skit segment ‘Nuclear Pride’.

Siwon’s look alike Lee Sang Hoo reveals, “People told me that I look just like Choi Siwon.”

“Although I am told that I am Ohyu-dong’s Choi Siwon (referring to a neighborhood in Seoul), I am still insulted. I am the older one, so Siwon should be called Super Junior’s Lee Sang Hoo,” he adds.

A moment later, Choi Siwon suddenly appears, making the viewers surprised and excited as he gains applauses and cheers with his appearance.


“I have come to compare both of our faces since you kept on calling yourself as Ohryu-dong’s Choi Siwon,” the star reveals to his look-alike.

After which, Lee Sang Hoon tries to parody Siwon’s famous ‘Fortune Cookie’ outfit for his upcoming movie.

The look-alike also showed different poses to which Siwon claps along in support and comments, “Great, great! You are shining just like a star!”



Then Lee Sang Hoon asks Siwon, “Are you just appearing in order to promote your new movie? Not really because I look just like you, am I right?” To which Siwon responds with, “Not at all. My upcoming movie already has its own audience,” showing Siwon’s confidence for his movie.

Later on, Siwon goes back into the stage and advertises his new movie to the viewers.

Meanwhile, Siwon’s new movie will be premiering on August, so stay tuned for it!