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Female soloist Gummy has recently revealed her thoughts about her music during her recent concert.

Recently, veteran singer Gummy held her solo concert ‘Fall in Memory’ at Ehwa University, the singer talked about her hardships and revealed that she has thought of retiring from the music industry.

Moments before her last performance, Gummy revealed, “Back then, before I debuted, there were lots of times when it was hard for me to perform due to my vocal nodules. It happened frequently but I have never thought of quitting.”


“But since last year I was having second thoughts, I was asking myself ‘Am I in the right path? Or maybe I should take a different path?’ Then today, after performing in front of all of you, it made me feel bad for thinking those thoughts, ” the singer added.

Gummy then bursts into tears and continued, “After I released this new album and have seen everyone who came to be able to see me during my street and guerrilla performances, it made me realize that I should be grateful to everyone who have supported me and came to see me. It is all because of you that I am performing today. I feel energized because of the people who also get power from my songs. I will start putting more effort into my music.”

Since April 17, Gummy dropped her remake album ‘Fall in Memory’ and is holding street performances in Seoul, Busan and Gwangju.

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