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The management agency, Sidus HQ, of actress Lee Yu Bi reveals that they plan to show no mercy on her blackmailer.

Lee Yu Bi has recently revealed that she lost her phone last month and that someone had picked it up. However the person tried to blackmail her by threatening to release the contents of her phone to the press or leaking it online if the actress would not pay some money.

The actress and her management agency then requested an investigation from the police, which then led to her blackmailer’s arrest who was then sent to the prosecutors.

On November 11, a representative from Sidus HQ reveals, “It is true that Lee Yu Bi has accepted the prosecution’s request for an investigation into the defendant. Regarding favorable arrangements, that is a situation after the prosecution, so our side could not make a decision about this yet.”

“Even if it would become a situation where we could reach a settlement, our side does not plan to have a favorable arrangement,” the representative further reveals, showing that their side intends to have a firm action.

Actress Lee Yu Bi made her acting debut through the 2011 sitcom, “Vampire Idol” and became known for her roles on TV dramas such as “The Innocent Man,” “Gu Family Book,” “Pinocchio” and the recent drama based on the webtoon with the same name, “Scholar Who Walks the Night.”


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