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The Mnet rap battle show “Show Me the Money 5” has recently been accused of unfair judging during the preliminary rounds.

Recently, a rapper by the name Ovan revealed that he joined the audition for the show and tried out twice, something which is not allowed on the show.

The rapper writes, “For the last time, this is not an excuse of a justification. I’ll stop after taking care of some matters. On Saturday, I did not get a pass from Mad Clown. However, in the following day around 10 am, I was called by the production crew who suggested for me to try out again, so on Sunday, I got a pass from Zion.T. I know that I violated the rules, however, I really just wanted to move forward. I apologize. I am telling you this since I have decided to quit.”

Ovan Show Me the Money 5

With regards to the issue, the production crew of “Show Me the Money 5” reveals, “In the case of Ovan, it is the fault of the production. But, it was not the production who suggested him to try out again, it was Ovan himself who requested to try again. He was reviewed a second time. Then, the production eliminated him after learning that he tried out twice. The mistake happened since there are a lot of contestants. We would check once again if any other contestants have used this unfair method and we would eliminate them.”

Meanwhile, the show is expected to air this May 6. Take a look at the partial list of idol rapper who would be joining the show here!