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Mnet has decided that “Show Me the Money 5” would be editing out rapper Iron due to his marijuana controversy.

On April 1, Mnet reveals, “Currently, ‘Show Me the Money 3’ which features rapper Iron is not airing rebroadcasts, so that is not a problem. However, we plan to cut the footage of Iron performing in ‘Show Me the Money 5.’”

Previously, Iron has been revealed to be one of the ten individuals from the music industry to be involved in a marijuana scandal.

He has been reported to be investigated by the prosecution for allegedly using smoking marijuana. The rapper was exposed when a composer-producer’s bag was stolen while being in a sauna. While the police caught the thief, they were alarmed at the composer-producer’s odd behavior and eyes. The police requested a drug test to which the composer-producer got a positive result for marijuana use. The individual admitted to marijuana use and have named other nine people from the music industry who are also using marijuana, in which Iron was revealed to be one of them.

Seoul Seocho Police Department has revealed that former first-generation idol group member, hip hop artist A, hip hop idol member, concert organizer and trainees were involved in the marijuana scandal. So far, only Iron has been revealed to be involved in the case.

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