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Show Me the Money 4” elimination episode shocks the viewers of the show after unexpected results.

On the recent broadcast of Mnet’s rap survival battle “Show Me the Money 4”, the controversy started on producers Verbal Jint and San E’s decision on which rapper would be eliminated.

In the episode, the contestants of the different teams perform while the producers would determine which rappers would not make the cut.

In Verbal Jint and San E’s team, Hanhae made a mistake with his lyrics which is what lead people to believe that he would be eliminated. However, the two producers chose to eliminate Black Nut instead.

Verbal Jint and San E then reveal that they choose Black Nut as they feel that he has not yet overcome his stage fright and rapped with his sunglasses and his eyes closed.

smtm 4 Hanhae Verbal Jint and San E team

Afterwards, when the contestants started to prepare on their diss battles, Black Nut suddenly arrives. Verbal Jint and San E then reflected on their decision and decided to bring him back to make a fair evaluation.

Black Nut then expressed his anger on both producers through his rap. Hanhae on the other hand, felt uneasy and told Black Nut that he should continue to the next round as he would be dropping out from the competition.

SMTM BN Verbal Jint and San E team

On August 1, the producers of “Show Me the Money 4” then released a statement regarding the controversial episode. They reveal, “As much as possible, we try to honor the producers’ opinions.”


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