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Producer Shinsadong Tiger talks about each member of the girl group EXID.

Shinsadong Tiger reveals that Hani is a very humble and responsible person and that she knows when to draw the line between things that she has or needs to do. He also adds that she is very logical.

He also reveals that Solji had a difficult past especially when she was still in 2NB. However, she is very strong and that she uses her experiences to help the other members of the group. He also adds that the group has good energy because of Solji’s leadership.

The producer then describes that LE represents the music style of EXID. She knows the singing abilities of the members, thus the members would go to her for advice. She cares for the other members a lot and would put the parts of the other members first before hers.

Next, Shinsadong Tiger then reveals that Hyerin is the mood maker of the group and is a very important member of the group since the other members always need her around.

He then talks about Junghwa and says that she is someone that he feels apologetic for the fact that she started to work in the entertainment business at a young age and have experienced a lot of hardship. As a result, she has become very mature for her age. Shinsadong Tiger further adds that she speaks well and gets along with the other members.


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